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When you invest in new technology, you expect and associate certain benefits to the acquisition and implementation of that technology. eRecruiter's Professional Services Organization exists to ensure that you realize those benefits and that you meet or exceed your Return on Investment (ROI) targets. To accomplish this we offer the following services:

Customer Care
At eRecruiter we are dedicated to 100% customer care. We measure our success in terms of your success and satisfaction.

Product & Technical Support
Our Product & Technical Support Program addresses all our products and ensures the seamless operation of our solutions. Our Customer Support staff uses online media access, call tracking, knowledge management systems, and remote access to customer sites to ensure maximum availability and assistance. For efficiency and convenience, eRecruiter offers customers a variety of options for contacting Product & Technical Support including phone, e-mail and full-service Web access.
Web: For Registered Customers
Customer Support: Tel: (404) 610-4388
E-mail: support@eRecruiter.com

eRecruiter Product & Technical Support provides timely and reliable support to all customer requests. Each support request is tracked and monitored from first customer contact to final resolution. Escalation processes based on problem severity ensure that mission-critical problems are quickly solved through the assignment of additional resources.

By using our hosting service, you can be assured of immediate access to your servers for upgrades, patches, and customizations. We offer extremely competitive hosting rates for our clients and use only the most current technologies.

Art Direction & Graphic Design
Our accomplished design staff is here to assist you in designing the most outstanding look to show your world, whether you want something that is custom and unique or want to integrate with your current online presence.

Product Integration
eRecruiter's applications are built on an open, modular framework capable of integration with your existing and future HR systems.

The technical expertise and long experience of eRecruiter's Implementation Services ensure a smooth transition to your new system.

Post implementation, the Professional Services Organization's other primary responsibility is to foster a long-term relationship with you to ensure that we meet your needs now and into the future. Your relationship manager will periodically contact you to assess your satisfaction with our products and identify any other needs that we may satisfy.

For more information about our services:
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